Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meeting Reminder - First Council Meeting & AGM

McKenzie Towne School Council (MTSC) First Council Meeting - Monday, September 30th @ 6:30pm

McKenzie Towne School Parent Association Meeting (MTSPA) AGM - follows immediately after

Hard to believe Parent-Teacher Conferences are behind us and the first month of school is drawing to an end.  That means that it is time to get together the School Council and Parent Association.  Links to the agendas for both the First Council Meeting and the AGM can be found below.

We have a number of position being filled and if you are interested in joining the executive or vote on it and this years budget please ensure you join us for this meeting.  Normal business of the Teacher's and Leadership report will also go on.  This month's teachers are Mrs. Phelan, Ms. Youngstrom, and Mr. Webber and they will fill us in on how the year has kick off and where it is heading for their classes.  You can expect to find out more on this years enrolment, Habitat for Humanity initiatives and Safe & Caring Schools in Dr. Slater and Mrs. Reichardt's Leadership Report.

I mentioned that the terms for the executive are being renewed and those positions are:
Vice Chair
Key Communicator
Fundraising Director
Co-Volunteer Coordinator
Casino Director
We are always looking for new energy if you think one of these position might be a fit for you please contact me for more information or just join us on Monday to learn more.

More Important Dates:
October 7th
Parents in our community should mark Monday, October 7th on their calendar, starting at 6:30 we have invited Public School Trust candidates out to take questions from parents to help you make an informed decision.  McKenzie Towne School  and the Parents Association is not endorsing any of the candidates we are just trying to get information in your hands.

November 18th
Safe & Caring Schools will be at the school presenting November 18th more information will follow.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Sean Tyson
Chair | MTSC & MTSPA

Link to MTSC & MTSPA Agendas Monday September 30, 2013 - Click here
Link MTSPA 2013/2014 Budget Proposal and Recommendation
Link to Teaching in the 21st Century: Catching MTS Technology Resources Up

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