Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meeting Recap

Last nights meetings were filled with so much information it is going to be hard to fit it all here in a short recap.  Thank you to Mrs. Youngstrom and Mrs. Addison for discussing their classrooms learning plans.  We were able to watch videos of some Grade 1 students discussing what they think different people in their school do all day. They then interviewed them to find out what they really do.  We learned how in Mrs. Younstrom's class students use literature to apply math concepts - very cool.

School Council is still in need of 1-2 people to fill the Volunteer Coordinator's position.  Most of the work from the begining of the year is done so it is a good time to ease into the position. The Christmas Concert needs 8 volunteers for each night.

In the Parent Council Meeting we had an update from the Fun Lunch Committee - thank you Bronwen for taking on the Chair position.  They discussed having something every month on a consistent day so parents know when to plan for it.  Our Fundraising Committee has been very busy planning some events and initiatives for the school. Some things to watch for include a bottle recycling program where the bottles kids bring to school go directly to supporting the school's green initiative.  Campbell's product labels will help raise funds for new technology.  Feb 9 will be our next family dance.

The Christmas Concert this year will be on 2 nights.  The first night (Dec 14) will be for Kindergarten parents and the next night will be staggered with grade 1-2 and then 3-4.  2 tickets for each family will be issued due to fire code regulations.  Dr. Slater and Mr. Murphy explained how in past years we have come very close to capacity so doing the concert this way will make it possible for us to still have one.

Finally we discussed what we would like to see done with the Casino Funds.  Administration presented their priorities list to Council.  Some of the items included - presentations, technology, new instruments, and bussing.  We motioned to support 3 Left Feet coming in March dependent on the availability of casino funds.

Our next meeting will be on January 23, 2012. Carol Bazinet, our Area 5 Trustee,  has offered to attend to discuss the portables and what we see for the future for MTS.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder of our Parent Council and School Council meetings happening on Monday, November 28.  The School Council meeting runs from 6:30-7:30, (print the agenda here). The Parent Council follows at 7:40-8:50 (print the agenda here).

This months meeting will focus mainly on the casino funds and what we as Parents and the School would like to see done with them. Please come out to have a say in where you would like to see the funds spent. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You to ALL Our Casino Volunteers!

The first McKenzie Towne School Parents Association (MTSPA) Casino event took place on Tuesday and Wednesday last week and was a great success.  We expect that the event will raise over $60,000, which will be spent over the next 2 years, to enhance the educational experience of our children.

A huge thank you to the volunteers who donated their time, their partners who took care of parenting duties on their own, babysitters, our advisors, and everyone else who participated in the event.  It was lots of fun and a great way to get to know other parents within the community.  We also want to thank Laura Rye from Screaming Panda Design for designing our poster, and Staples for the printing service.  Many thanks go out to the following volunteers:

Nelson E                                         Lori-Anne P                                    Rosaleeh H
Rob C                                             Gary C                                            Sean T
Kerri B                                             Amy M                                           Melanie B
Aaron S                                          Joie C                                             Judy V
Tami A                                            James K                                         Joanna A
Laura T                                           Stuart C                                          Stuart G
Shawna D                                       Tania U                                           Linda B
Irene K                                            Pat S                                               Nicole D
Chad F                                           Tiffany V                                          Sydney G
Roswita D                                       Stacey I                                           Dawn C
Michelle SC                                    Launa K                                          Jennifer A
Robert M                                         Heather O

The money from the casino will arrive in February next year but the important job of allocating the funds begins now.  There are some restrictions in how casino funds can be spent, so we will be working over the next few months to determine how best to utilize ours.  We would love to hear from anyone who has a suggestion.  To make a suggestion or be part of the process, either contact the Casino Director by writing to casino@mtsparents.com or come to the next MTSPA meeting being held at the school on Monday, 28th November.   
Stuart Gannon
Casino Director

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift Card Reminder - Orders Due This Friday!

Just a reminder that gift card order forms & payments are due this Friday, November, 18th.

Get your holiday shopping done early - without hitting the malls! A percentage of every gift card purchased goes directly to support our school – with no additional cost to you! It's a great way to purchase gifts for your family, friends, co-workers and employees.

Extra order forms are available on the MTSPA website. If you have any questions, please email fundraising@mtsparents.com.

Thank you for supporting the McKenzie Towne School Parent Association.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Urgent - Casino Volunteers Needed!

MTSPA's first Casino Fundaiser takes place next week on Tuesday November 15th & Wednesday November 16th. We urgently need three more volunteers to fill the following shifts:

Chiprunner 11.30am - 7.00pm Tuesday 15th November
Cashier 6.30pm to 2.30am Wednesday 16th November
Chiprunner 6.30pm to 2.30am Wednesday 16th November

If you are able to help or if you need more information please contact Stuart Gannon, our casino director at 403 680 8232 or casino@mtsparents.com.

This is an important fundraiser for our school, please consider volunteering.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Are you planning to buy gift cards for this upcoming Holiday Season? Do you buy groceries and gas? Do you go out for dinner or movies or frequent a coffee establishment? Are you updating your home with renovations or d├ęcor? Does your company buy gift cards for staff or clients?

If so, please help support McKenzie Towne School Parent Association. When you purchase gift cards which are spent like cash, a rebate goes back to our school automatically! There is no additional cost to you! When you order $150 in gift cards, you pay $150 and you get gift cards worth $150!

It’s that simple! Order forms can be downloaded here and need to be returned with payment to the school by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18th.

Gift cards will be available for pick-up at the school on Thursday, Dec 8th between 3-4pm, or 6-7pm.

Please e-mail fundraising@mtsparents.com with any questions. Thank you for your support!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Volunteer Coordinator Positions

Our Volunteer Coordinator has stepped down from her position, therefore we are now without a volunteer coordinator and are currently seeking one or two people to step into this important role. In the past, this position has been co-coordinated, so could be shared by two willing individuals.

The Volunteer Coordinator(s) supports the school by managing the volunteer forms, arranging for classroom parents and in-school volunteers. This person also solicits volunteers for events on behalf of the school and/or Parent Association as needed. As a member of the School Council executive team, the Volunteer Coordinator attends monthly school council meetings and reports on volunteer needs and other relevant information. Much of this work is already complete for this year, so now is a great time to get involved and ease into the role!

Most of the duties of this position can be done via email and/or phone. This is a critical role for the school and a great opportunity to become involved. If you are interested in taking on this important job, please contact Sean at chair@mtsparents.com or Tiffany at vicechair@mtsparents.com.