Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You to ALL Our Casino Volunteers!

The first McKenzie Towne School Parents Association (MTSPA) Casino event took place on Tuesday and Wednesday last week and was a great success.  We expect that the event will raise over $60,000, which will be spent over the next 2 years, to enhance the educational experience of our children.

A huge thank you to the volunteers who donated their time, their partners who took care of parenting duties on their own, babysitters, our advisors, and everyone else who participated in the event.  It was lots of fun and a great way to get to know other parents within the community.  We also want to thank Laura Rye from Screaming Panda Design for designing our poster, and Staples for the printing service.  Many thanks go out to the following volunteers:

Nelson E                                         Lori-Anne P                                    Rosaleeh H
Rob C                                             Gary C                                            Sean T
Kerri B                                             Amy M                                           Melanie B
Aaron S                                          Joie C                                             Judy V
Tami A                                            James K                                         Joanna A
Laura T                                           Stuart C                                          Stuart G
Shawna D                                       Tania U                                           Linda B
Irene K                                            Pat S                                               Nicole D
Chad F                                           Tiffany V                                          Sydney G
Roswita D                                       Stacey I                                           Dawn C
Michelle SC                                    Launa K                                          Jennifer A
Robert M                                         Heather O

The money from the casino will arrive in February next year but the important job of allocating the funds begins now.  There are some restrictions in how casino funds can be spent, so we will be working over the next few months to determine how best to utilize ours.  We would love to hear from anyone who has a suggestion.  To make a suggestion or be part of the process, either contact the Casino Director by writing to or come to the next MTSPA meeting being held at the school on Monday, 28th November.   
Stuart Gannon
Casino Director

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