Sunday, January 23, 2011

Key Communiqué - January 20, 2011

Please click here to view the latest edition of the Key Communique.  In it, you will find a link to the presentation material and notes from the January 12th CBE System Parent Meeting.  There is also a survey for parents who attended the meeting.

There will be an open house on January 24th at Crescent Heights High School and January 26th at Henry Wise Wood about an All Boys Alternative program in the CBE.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MTSC/MTSPA Meetings Recap

Monday's meetings were busy with lots of updates and information.  Thanks go out to Constable Pete Barker for attending and speaking about the serious issues we are having with traffic safety around our school and bus stops.  Parents are reminded to be courteous of other drivers and the neighbours of the school and to set a good example for the children.  Constable Barker spoke of the importance of policing ourselves; failing that, he will have no option but to start ticketing.  Expect a notice from him in an upcoming newsletter. 

There was also a discussion about our topic of the month.  Each month, we will set aside 15 minutes to discuss a topic of interest.  Let Sherri know if you have ideas for future topics.  This month's topic was bullying.  Mrs. Sarginson spoke about the role the school plays in teaching social skills to the kids.  She will plan to add something in a future newsletter to provide parents with further information to reinforce what students are taught at school.  If you have specific concerns related to bullying and your child, it is important that you speak to Annette or Patrick about it. 

Kindergarten's Mrs. Purdy and grade one's Mrs. Howden were on hand to provide an update as to the learnings and activities of their classes.  Mrs. Sarginson provided the leadership report, which can be read in its entirety in the minutes for the council meeting.

In the MTSPA meeting, a motion was passed to form a Fun Lunch Committee, with Cheryl R as Chair.  Thanks to Cheryl for taking on this role and we look forward to hearing about plans for future fun lunches! 

In the fundraising report, it was noted that the committee is still in need of a Director.  Many of the members of this committee serve in other roles on the council or parent association already.  The committee had an action plan to proceed with the gift card fundraiser, winter celebration raffle and upcoming family dance, but no further plans have been made for fundraising activities in the absence of a committee director.  Please contact Sherri M if you are willing to take on this role.  The fundraising committee members provided updates regarding the success of the gift card fundraiser, which raised $955 for the PA, and the winter celebration raffle, which raised $750.  The raffle prize has not yet been claimed.  Please check your tickets to see if you are the lucky winner.  The committee is researching how to handle unclaimed prizes.  The committee is working on the next fundraiser, a family dance, scheduled for March 10th.  Stay tuned for more information coming home very soon.  A motion was passed to cover the costs of the dance up to $600 for items such as a DJ, refreshments, etc. 

Our next meetings will be on February 28th.  Some items to look forward to at these meetings include some planning into March's guest speaker, an update from the newly formed Fun Lunch Committee,  and a discussion about the winter celebration to give parents an opportunity to provide suggestions and input into the future of this important tradition at our school.  In addition, the parent association will do  a review of  the school's funding wish list and likely make some spending decisions.  We strongly encourage all parents to attend in order to have your input.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CAPSC Meeting Cancellation

The CAPSC meetinng scheduled for tomorrow evening, during which speakers from Alberta Education were to speak about the "Action on Inclusion" initiative for special education has had to be cancelled and will be rescheduled for February or March.  Instead, CAPSC will be holding an informal meeting to discuss parent issues relating to education.  Please feel free to attend this meeting, beginning at 7pm at AE Cross Junior High.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reminder - MTSC/MTSPA Meetings

The next meetings of the McKenzie Towne School Council and Parent Association are tomorrow (Monday) night.  We will begin with an informal meet and greet at 6:15 pm and the official MTSC meeting starting at 6:30 pm.  Constable Pete Barker is joining us to speak at our council meeting, and we will also be spending some time on our topic of the month, 'Bullying'. 

As always, there will be school information from Mrs. Sarginson, the teachers' report, this month from  Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Howden as well as news and information from other executive members.  Please download and print the agendas for the MTSC and MTSPA meetings.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Key Communiqué

The January edition of the Key Communique can be read by clicking here.  There are details about the System Parent meeting next Wednesday, the upcoming CAPSC meeting, kindergarten registration and more.  Our next school council meeting is coming up on January 17th.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Key Communiqué

Happy New Year to all McKenzie Towne School families!  Please click here to read the December edition of the Key Communique.  In it, you will find details about the CBE's System Parent Meeting on January 12th.

Our school's January calendar is up on their website and can be viewed by following this link.  Classes start back on Tuesday January 4th.