Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Call for volunteers - Traffic Safety Week

We need a couple volunteers to help encourage street safety at Mckenzie Towne School in a fun way by reinforcing safe practices. If you have a few minutes to spare next week before or after school next week we are looking for a couple more volunteers for these times: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 8:25am and after school Tuesday 2:55 - 3:20pm and Friday 12 - 12:30pm  

We are running the Positive Pointers program during Calgary School Traffic Awareness Week, where volunteers will hand out "tickets" to people they see practising safe traffic or crossing habit, as seen below. The tickets can be completed and return to the school and entered into a draw. 

Please let Jenn at know which time (or times) you can spare a few minute to help encourage our school to set an example for our community. Jenn will answer any questions regarding the commitments and will brief the volunteers on their duties. 

Check out this link for tips to earn your tickets when manoeuvring around the school next week.

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