Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Council and PA Meeting Recap - Volunteers Needed!

Thank you to everyone who came out to last night's council and parent association meetings. Among the topics covered was a call out for volunteers both for the fun lunch happening this Thursday and for the Activity Day scheduled for Friday. The volunteer coordinators are still looking for a number of volunteers in order for these events to happen. If you are available to help, please contact Kerrie at kerrie.is.not@shaw.ca or Jenn at foordhoey@shaw.ca.

In the teachers reports, Mrs. McLarty talked about the work the grade fours have been doing with the grade ones on their garden project, their upcoming trip to the Glenbow museum and some ideas they are thinking of in terms of a grade four legacy project. Miss. Hudec spoke about the successful kindergarten tea held recently, their upcoming field trip to the zoo and their learnings about caterpillars and butterflies.

In the leadership report, Mrs. Sarginson was able to give us some great examples of personalized learning in MTS. She also talked about the grade 4 farewell planned for June 24th as well as a number of other upcoming events. Check the calendar on-line for events at our school. School staffing was also discussed with the announcement of five new teachers next year due to the growth in student population.

Items of note from the Parent Association meeting include a reminder that the playground committee is looking for volunteers for the build in September. You can complete the paper form that was sent home or sign up on this website. The committee continues to work on planning for the build and for an opening celebration. The fundraising committee presented its plans for events and activities for the 2010-2011 school year and continues its work on those plans as well as grant applications. Finally, some discussion about fencing occurred and there was consensus to focus on the fencing required for the playground at this time.

Our last meeting of the year is scheduled for June 21st. Hope to see you there!

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