Thursday, April 29, 2010

Council and PA Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended Monday evening's Council and PA meetings.  During council meeting, we heard an update about yearbooks - please note that there will soon be another opportunity to order if you have not done so already.  Sherri spoke about the CBE Board Development meeting she attended.  A link to the CBE's presentation on personalization of learning will be posted when it becomes available.  Tiffany attended the CAPSC panel discussion on Special Education.  CAPSC has done a recap on their website about this meeting, which you can link to here.

In the teacher's report, Mrs. Foster talked about the grade one garden box planting project they are planning as part of their learnings about science and community.  This project will benefit the entire school.  The grade one class will be looking for some support from parents in the form of tools, supplies, etc.  Watch for something in the next school newsletter about this project.  Mrs. Purdy gave an update about the kindergarten class and their work with shadows as well as their upcoming field trip to Safeway and their learnings about community and nutrition.  Kindergarten parents can look forward to invitations to a class event related to this work.

Highlights of the leadership report include the fun lunch scheduled for June 3rd.  Thanks to the lunchroom staff for coordinating this event!  Alien In-line is scheduled for June 7-17 with a family skate night on June 17th.  Work has started on a possible artist in residency program at the school.   Each month's leadership report can be found in the minutes for that month's council meeting.

In the Parent Association meeting, there was an update regarding insurance as this work is ongoing.  We heard an update from the playground committee about the build and their back-up plan as it relates to funding.  The fundraising committee continues work on grant applications and plans for next year.  A number of motions were made regarding funding of various items. 

Finally, in recognition of National Volunteer Week, our chair, Sherri, wants to extend a big thank you to all those who volunteer in our school, whether it be attending field trips, reading in the classroom, helping in the office or attending council and PA meetings.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated and we hope that you benefit from it as well.  Below is a short video by that expresses it best.

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  1. Wow - what an eye opening video - thanks for posting!