Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CAPSC Panel Discussion on Special Education Tonight

A number of government initiatives are underway to look at the education system in Alberta as a whole and consider education transformation collectively rather than individually.  Such initiatives include Inspiring Education, Speak Out and Setting the Direction.  The Setting the Direction framework is likely to result in changes to Special Education in Alberta, although it remains to be seen what those changes will look like.

CAPSC is holding a Panel Discussion on Special Education this evening from 7-9 pm at AE Cross Junior High.  Panelists will include representatives from the CBE, the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta, and Alberta Education.

This is an opportunity for parents to become informed about what the Setting the Direction team has been working on and to ask questions about the future of special education in Alberta.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Your  school council's key communicator will be attending this meeting and will speak to it at our next council meeting on April 26th.  In addition, if as a school council or parent association, we wish to have more information or would like to schedule an opportunity to meet with the Setting the Direction team we can make arrangements to do this. 

As always, we welcome parent input about this or any other topic that concerns you as a member of school council and parent association.

Please note that in the earlier post about this panel discussion, it was stated that there has been a decision to remove coding starting in the fall.  We have since learned that there will not be any changes implemented in the Fall of 2010.  Though changes to the coding system are expected, we have been told the new model will be a better, more responsive and personalized system.

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