Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Provincial Funding Concerns?

The CBE has been clear that they are having to make cuts in order to balance their budget for the upcoming school year.  While we are awaiting news on how these cuts will ultimately affect McKenzie Towne School, we have heard that they will have an impact at the student level.  We are already aware that there is no funding for such items as relocatables, which may be needed to address the increasing population of our school.  Classroom sizes and teacher or resource cuts are also a consideration.

If you have concerns regarding provincial funding for the CBE, you are encouraged to contact your MLA.  Our MLA, Art Johnston, can be reached at 255, 11488-24 St. SE, Calgary, AB  T2Z 4C9, or  You can also telephone his office at (403) 215-4380.

Some tips for writing to an MLA: keep the letter simple, be clear and polite, avoid inflammatory remarks and ask for a response.  You may want to end your letter with something like, "I look forward to reading your response on this issue".  Ensure you include your name, address and phone number for future contact.

A personalized letter or phone call is far more effective than a form letter or petition.  It demonstrates that you went to some time and effort to put something together, therefore your concerns must be real and significant.

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