Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lost and Found

Hello Families!!

I spent some time looking through the lost and found today for my daughters glove.  Yes.  One black a sea of MANY!!  With the cold weather coming up, just thought I would remind you all to stop in and have a look.  There are a LOT of nice winter coats in there and before the Christmas break these items, if not picked up during the lost and found display at teacher conferences, will find their way to a needy charity.  Very few of the items had names in them, and this is a way that we can TRY to get the coats and items back to your child.  Did you know that one of our fundraisers ongoing is Mabels Labels??  If you click on the link, you can purchase great iron on labels that you can place on your childs' expensive and warm jackets and when they find their way to the lost and found, the likelihood of them finding their way home to you increases!!

Thank you for your continued support,

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