Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coco Brooks Information Official Information!!


Forms came home this week with your child/children with info about our current fundraising campaign for all of the amazing products offered by Coco Brooks.  This campaign runs now till March 1, 2016.  You will find your unique order forms under the forms tab once you sign up as a seller.  There are also downloads to generic form on our Facebook Page (MTSPA) Directions as follows:

2. Enter lido-hive in "invitation code" (general campaign invitiation)
3. Enter campaign as "seller"
4. Sign in or sign up
5. Under the "sellers" tab, you will see your name and a unique code to send your friends and family, and if you click on it you can cut and paste the link into your own email by clicking on "Invite Customers" Tab.
Happy Selling and thank you for your continued support!





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