Monday, April 6, 2015

Red Deer Lake Meat & Baba's Perogies


A note from the MTS Parent Association:

Our fundraiser with Red Deer Lake Meats & Baba's Perogies is now underway!

Register as a seller here to get going right away.

You can preview our webpage using this direct link:!MTSPA/c1yp5

You may also access our webpage from anywhere and anytime by:
1. Visiting 
2. Clicking "Login to webpage"
3. Finding our group name Mckenzie Towne School. 
4. Entering our web access code: prestwick 

Don't forget:

1.  Register as a seller on the sellers toolbar or here to receive your unique invite code.
2.  Congratulations! You can now place an order and invite supporters.

Inviting supporters is a great way to generate sales and not worry about collecting funds, as supporters can place and pay for orders themselves. All you have to do is deliver their order once it arrives.

Your support as a seller is appreciated - Every order counts!

Email me at if you have questions concerning the fundraiser.

Or email TeamFund directly for questions regarding how to use website:

Thank you

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