Friday, February 6, 2015

CASINO was a huge success! Thank you!!

Thank you to all who volunteered to work the Casino to raise funds for our children's school.  A special thanks to Bill Sullivan who organized the troops and made the Fundraiser a success.

Thanks again:

Theresa Black
Gary Care
Blaire Borque
Linda Borque
Peter Chinnery
Bronwen Kelly
Tami Adams
Robert Robinson
Doug Kipp
Bill Smook
Nelson Ellis
Rita Meyer
Tiffany MacLeod
Kelly Walker
Lisa McManes
Jesse Siegers
Michelle Rubin
Leanne Wilkie
Martin Ressler
Kathleen Sullivan
Ben MacDonald
Ian Walker
Jodi Gosling
Rob Ratzlaff
Karchut Launa
Joie Coles

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