Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MTSC and MTSPA Meeting Recap

Monday night was a full night of discussion.  It was one of those meetings you didn't want to miss.  Some of the topics discussed in the School Council included: Traffic updates and a Grade 4 graduation legacy project to continue into future years. There was also a presentation on the need for computers and added technology to bring MTS up to standards with the rest of the CBE.

Ms. Pollock and Ms. Kruger talked about the live creatures they are working with their students to raise. The grade 2's currently have 4 ducks they watched hatch and will raise for 3 weeks in their classroom.  The Grade 1's are raising butterflies.

The Leadership update included a breakdown of the classroom structure for next year.  They also discussed a new program MTS will be doing next year called Safe and Caring School. We were chosen for a 1 year scholarship with this program. It will involve staff resources, training and a parent event.

Teacher Appreciation will be on June 19th. There is also a Talent Show that afternoon.

MTSPA made many motions to fund various school projects including technology, beautification, and a free fun lunch.  June 20 will be the Stampede celebration with the Stampede crew coming out to teach line dancing. This includes pancakes done by the Batter Boys.  September 6, 2013 will be our muffin mixer for parents to meet up before classes start that first week of back to school.

Our Casino request for volunteers was very successful having all positions filled!!!!

Many of our School Council / Parent Association positions are coming open in September.  Please email any of us if you would like information on various positions.  The links are on the left hand side of our blog.  We will post a full list of positions at a later date.  The one position that really needs to be filled earlier is the Treasurer as there is some training that needs to happen.

Our June mtg has been suspended. So our next meeting will be the AGM on September 30, 2013

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