Monday, March 4, 2013

February Meeting Recap

During the MTS School Council Meeting Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Klassen gave a brief outline of what the students in Grade 4 are focusing on. They also discussed some things the grade 4's do to prepare for the transition into Middle School.

Dr. Slater and Ms. Reichart discussed new clubs starting up for students, Kindergarten enrollment and a dance residency for the end of May. The Apegga Science night happening on April 11 from 6-8 is a drop in environment so come when you can and stay as long as you want.

The City of Calgary is doing a Pilot Program for school bus zones.  Our Vice Chair has been in talks with the City about MTS being a great school to pilot with.  The outlook is positive but we need parents to contact the city encouraging them to use our school.

The Parent Council has decided to provide supper for the Teacher's / Staff during the upcoming Student Lead Conferences.  They also approved the request to support the dance residency in May. Our Fundraising Committee and our school families have done a spectacular job raising funds to support our school this year. They have another fundraiser starting this week with the extremely popular Coco Brooks Pizza.  Start loading up on your orders!

Our Treasurer position will be open come September. If you are interested in taking this position it is beneficial to you to contact her now to be orientated on what is involved.  If you want to know more about the position please contact Sherry at

Next meeting will be March 18 at 6:30-8:30.

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