Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CBE Transportation Fees Decided 2012-13

Transportation Fee Set For 2012-13

After an extensive and comprehensive review of school fees, the Calgary Board of Education has arrived at a values-based decision that we believe is the best for our system overall. From November to May, parents have had several opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas about fees with us. Thousands of parents have taken advantage of that opportunity, and we are grateful for their thoughtful contributions.

We have a diverse public education system. Over the past several months, there is much we have learned from the diverse perspectives parents have shared with us. However, the most important thing I have learned is what we share in common. Our values for public education are our common ground.

That is why the final transportation fee decision is based on values, Albertans’ values for public education. We knew from the outset of this review it would be difficult to make a decision that would please everyone. Instead, we have made a decision we believe will care for and enrich the community. It is a decision that demonstrates what our community shares in common rather than what makes us different. We believe it is the right decision.

The 2012-13 school fee structure aims to have all students charged the same transportation fee, regardless of their program. All students will have equal access to the programs and services we offer, and no student will be denied access to education based on an inability to pay.

This is the right decision for the system overall. And even better is the fact that parents helped us define what “right” means.

Naomi E. Johnson
Chief Superintendent of Schools

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