Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MTSC/PA Meeting Recap

Thank you to those that attended last night's School Council and Parent Association meetings. In the Council meeting, we heard from grade 2 teachers Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Bredahl about the work the students have been doing about the Inuit and their current project on arctic animals. It was great to hear how their work has evolved and the planned field trips to tie their learnings together.

Dr. Slater and Mr. Muprhy provided an update in the leadership report about the relocatables that have been installed on the west side of the school. Work on the inside of the relocatables is underway. The outside will receive skirting and some paint to complete them. The school is hopeful that the two relocatable approved for the east side of the school will be in place and ready for students in September.

Linda B. was appointed as Volunteer Coordinator for the school council. Thanks Linda for volunteering for this important role!

In the Parent Association meeting, we were given an update regarding the fundraising success of the family dance and silent auction. Once again, we thank everyone for their support in our fundraisers. The Coco Brooks fundraiser is looking like another great success. Please remember that pick up of orders is on March 15th from 7-8:30pm.

The PA made a number of motions to support a variety of enhancements for the school, including funding for books and resources for the Learning Commons, funding towards Smartboards for the new relocatable classrooms and covering the cost of the recent Quest Theatre presentations in the school. We also voted to cover the cost of the Alien In-Line Skating program that will begin on April 4th. Each student in the school will have the opportunity to learn in-line skating skills in this program.

Or next meeting is on March 19th. We hope to see you there!

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