Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recap Of Meetings

January 23, 2012 was the first meeting for MT School Council and Parent Council.  This meeting was packed with updates and new ideas for MTS.  Jane Rogerson - Area V Rep; Carol Bazinet - Board Trustee; Brent Hughes - CBE and Ingrid Schmidt - CBE Senior Planner were in attendance to talk about capacity concerns at the school and to provide an update with respect to the west side relocatables.  A great deal of information was shared and the school council will be putting out additional information and a call to action for parents in the coming days.

Ms. Janet Purdy and Ms. Rachel Anderson discussed what they are doing in their classrooms to help students learn and problem solve. 

Dr. Slater and Mr. Murphy briefed us on their Feb 6-15 Random Acts Of Kindness initiative to help students learn about caring for others.  Check out February's Newsletter to find out more about it.

At the Parent Council Meeting we discussed casino spending and a decision was made to support the Trickster Theatre Company residency in 2013 pending approval from Alberta Gaming.  We will continue to discuss spending decisions, including music and technology spending priorities at our February meeting.

We are still in need of a Volunteer Coordinator.  If you are interested please contact vicechair@mtsparents.com.  Fun Lunches will be held on the last Thursday of every month.  Some upcoming fundraisers/family events include Coco Brooks pizza and the Family Valentine Dance. If you would like to volunteer for either event please contact Amy at Fundraising@mtsparents.com

Our Next meeting will be held February 27, 2012.

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