Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MTSC & MTSPA Meetings

Last night's meetings of School Council and Parent Association were full of information and discussion.  Our guest, Trustee Carol Bazinet was able to provide an update regarding the CBE budget and answer questions from parents.  For more information about the budget, you can visit the CBE's budget page.  We have learned that it is more effective to write a personal letter or make a personal phone call to an MLA, rather than sending a form letter.  The contact information for our MLA, Art Johnston, can be found on the left column of this screen as well as some tips about writing such a letter or email.  Parents with concerns regarding the provincial funding of the CBE and the impact this will have on our children are encouraged to contact Mr. Johnston.

Our Council and PA Secretary, Jaime, announced her resignation from her role.  We are sorry to see Jaime go and very thankful for all she has done over the last 2 years.  Tammy A. volunteered to take the role until the next AGM in September.  Thank you Tammy!

In the Leadership Report, Annette announced that the school will be trying on-line agendas next year.  She also announced a potential transportation change next year that will affect all MTS students.  The CBE transportation department makes decisions about "marrying" schools together for busing purposes.  Due to a decision to marry MTS with two other schools, it appears that our school hours could change significantly in the fall.  At this point, Annette is estimating a school start time of between 9:15 and 9:30 am and an end time of between 4:00 and 4:15.  If you have concerns about this change, the PA strongly encourages you to contact the Transportation department of the CBE at transportation@cbe.ab.ca or 817-7433.

Highlights of the PA meeting include a decision to donate the remainder of the candy, chips and water from the dance and Family Skate night to the school.  The PA continues to seek a Fundraising Director to steer the committee.  No further fundraising activities are planned until such time as this position is filled.  A motion was passed to give the playground committee authorization to use the surplus playground funds to purchase playground-type equipment in line with the parent survey and in consultation with the school.  A motion was also passed to fund a presentation at the school and to provide additional funding for the music program.

The next meetings are scheduled for May 30th beginning at 6:30 pm.

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