Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recap of MTSC/PA Meetings Last Night

Thanks to all who joined us for the council and parent association meetings last night.  It was nice to see some new faces.  Thanks also to Kerrie for acting as timekeeper and keeping us on schedule so that we finished on time! 

In the council meeting, Sherri M asked that if anyone has feedback regarding guest speakers for future meetings, please let her know.  Some options may include our trustee Carol Bazinet, our CPS Community Liaison Pete Barker or ASCA.  In the Key Communicator report, Tiffany mentioned that the CBE is asking parents to complete an on-line parent communication survey.  You can access the survey by clicking here.

The volunteer coordinators reported that all classrooms should have their room parent in place by now and that a request for volunteers for the book fair scheduled for December will be coming out soon. 

In the teacher's report, Mrs. Addison spoke about the grade 2 classes and advised that they are organizing the Remembrance Day assembly this year.  She also talked about their work with growing patterns, liquids, bouyancy and campfire.  Mrs. Chen gave us an update about the grade one classes and their ongoing learnings about stories, poems, math concepts and problem solving strategies.  In the leadership report, Mrs. Sarginson reminded parents of the next gabbucino scheduled for November 23 from 2-3 pm at the school.  There was also a reminder about Friday's Spooky Science celebration and and an update regarding plans for the winter celebration on December 9th.  The leadership reports are available in each month's meeting minutes. 

Parking around the school is an ongoing safety concern.  As a reminder, please ensure you are parking only in safe, legal parking zones around the school.  In addition, anyone who witnesses unsafe or illegal activity on school grounds, such as graffiti is asked to report it to Calgary Police Services immediately.  If such activities are always reported, we are more likely to have a regular police presence around the school. 

Highlights of the Parent Association meeting include some discussion of committees being formed, such as yearbook, fun lunch, social events and schoolyard naturalization.  If you are interested in joining or forming any of these or other committees, please let us know.  Our Treasurer, Sherry, gave us an account update and advised that there are still about 50 SUTP books for sale.  The order form is available on this website. 

It was announced that Tina, our Fundraising Director has resigned her position; if you are interested in this important role, please let Sherri M. know.  The trade show originally planned for November is on hold due to a lack of resources and the committee will be revisiting other fundraising plans going forward.

The next council and parent association meetings are scheduled for November 29th.  An agenda and meeting minutes will be sent out prior to that date.

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