Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Need You - Mini Olympics!

Thank you to those who responded to our request for volunteers to sell raffle tickets at this week's winter celebration.  We have the volunteers we need for this event.  A big thank you goes out to the four volunteers that will be helping out.

The MTSPA will be holding a fundraising event in early March to achieve our school playground parent fundraising goal (needed by the middle of March) and other MTSPA sponsored projects.  Keeping in mind the input we received from parents that family/community events are preferred, we are hoping to host a mini olympics at the school on Saturday March 13th, from 11am-3pm.  McKenzie Towne School students and their families will be invited to participate along with the wider community.  We are hoping to have an opening ceremonies , 'olympic' events and activities, a silent auction and/or raffle as well as food for you to enjoy. 

In order to make an event such as this fun and successful, we need the help of volunteers.  We will be looking for people to help with sporting events, both indoor and out, selling tickets, managing an auction and/or raffle,
food sales and other needs.  We anticipate needing approximately 30 volunteers, working 2 hour shifts.  If you can volunteer your time, we need to hear from you.  Please email letting us know how you can help (i.e. what you'd like to do, how long you are available etc.).  Sign up sheets will also be available at the winter celebration.

The Mini-Olympics promises to be a fun filled afternoon the whole family will enjoy.  Please sign up to volunteer today.  We need a preliminary volunteer count by Feb 11 to see / ensure there is sufficient interest and help to go forward with this event.

Thank you!
Volunteer Coordinators

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