Monday, January 25, 2010

MTSC/MTSPA Meeting Recap

Last Monday held our first meeting of the year for the school council and parent association. It was great to finally be meeting in our school; thanks to everyone who came out. Be sure to read the minutes of the last meeting when they are posted; they include everything discussed at the previous meeting including a teacher's report and the leadership report from Mrs. Sarginson.

We were able to stay pretty close to our schedule of one hour per meeting. Some points of interest from the meeting include a response to our letter to Minister Hancock, which you are welcome to read here. See this post to read our original letter. Minister Hancock will be speaking at the Education Forum being hosted by CAPSC this Wednesday evening from 7-9pm at Western Canada High School. A representative from the MTSC will be attending but all parents are welcome.

The issue of traffic and crosswalks was discussed as part of the leadership report. Safety is a top priority and we need to ensure that everyone is crossing the road in a safe manner. Please respect the traffic signs that have recently been put in place. Mrs. Sarginson also updated us on the smooth transition into the school and the successful Joi to the World campaign before Christmas.

In the parent association meeting, a motion was successfully passed to accept CDC as our playground supplier along with their design. Stay tuned for more details regarding this decision and where we are at in terms of the playground in the near future. The fundraising report included an announcement of a raffle being held at the winter celebration as well as ongoing planning for an event in late February or early March.

Our next meeting is at the school on February 22nd. Please come out to some or all of it if you can. You can also read through the latest Key Communique by clicking here.

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