Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Parents,

If you haven’t thought about it already, you certainly will when the children move to the new school and there is no playground. Many of you like us, may have assumed that building a playground at the school is the CBE’s responsibility. In fact, it is the responsibility of the parents, though we are supported (not financially) in our efforts by the CBE and the Parks Foundation Calgary. We’re sure you will be pleased to hear that a playground committee was officially formed in September, though work has been underway since May. We have a dedicated team of 8 people who have accomplished much already:
· initial designs have been requested and received
· grant research and applications are underway
· requests for corporate donations are underway
· a fund for managing playground monies is in the process of being setup

As well, the students of the school have participated in a survey, many thanks to the Grade 3 students for handling this! Ask your child about it and get excited, you too will receive a survey later this year.

Accomplishments aside, our playground build goal of September 2010 is proving to be ambitious, particularly with regards to securing money. As many of the same faces on the playground committee also appear on the fundraising committee, we are lacking the bodies required to achieve two big goals:
· fundraising $35, 000 by December 31, 2009
· a September 2010 playground build

We encourage you to participate wherever possible. Notices will go home requesting donations from your employer, in-kind donations and your participation in fundraising events. Please consider helping out in any one of these manners or joining the playground or fundraising committee. Together we can accomplish our goals!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Annika Clennan
Playground Committee Chair

Tina Pratt
Fundraising Director

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