Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parent Survey 1 Results

In our first parent survey, we asked you about your preferences regarding fundraising. We had 40 responses to the two questions in the survey.

The first question was, "The MTSPA needs to raise approximately $35,000 by December in order to meet goals for a September 2010 playground. To help achieve this goal, we will be focusing on one big event this fall. What type of event would you most likely participate in." Here are the results:

1. Silent Auction - 28%
2. A family/community fundraising event (e.g. walk-a-thon) - 48%
3. A family/community paid event (e.g. amazing race/rally) - 20%
4. Other - 5%, with suggestions of Donations and Business Solicitation tied into fundraising activity

The second question in the survey was, "To supplement the above goal and/or provide much needed general funds, what type of fundraising activity would you most likely participate in." Results are as follows:

1. In school ordering (eg. basket raffle, catalogue sales) - 28%
2. School activity (eg. book sale, ice cream social, in-line-skating) - 43%
3. Family/community paid activity (eg. corn maze) - 20%
4. Other - 10%, with suggestions of Bottle collection, Selling blitz, and a School Fair

The fundraising committee will be meeting next week to develop a plan using this feedback. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey. Keep checking back for our next one!

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